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 StartUp File Definition
Many programs decide for themselves without your consent to start when your computer starts. They will eventually make your computer start up very slowly and run many unneded programs at once. Our guide will help you decide which ones are safe to get rid of.

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  File Name
Belongs to
  s-tools.exe S-Tools for Windows
  s-tools.exe Stdecodw
  s0h_win32hlp.exe S0h Win32hlp
  s3x.exe S3x trojan
  s7sniper.exe SubSeven 2.1/2.1a Server Sniper
  sa-igmp.exe Sub-Attack IGMP Nuker
  sabotage.exe Sabotage
  sabv.exe SABV
  sacc.exe SurfAccuracy
  saccu.exe SurfAccuracy
  saddamme.exe Saddamme
  sadecrypt.exe Sambar password decryptor
  saint valentine's day.exe Backdoor.Zhang
  salvapantallas.exe Backdoor.Netbus.20.d
  salvapantallas.exe Backdoor.Netbus.20
  sambcfg.exe Secure_Anonymous_Mail_Bomber v1.0
  samdump.exe Samdump
  sampler.exe VirTool.Win32.ADE-demo
  sapcspy.exe SpyAnytime PC Spy
  sysmgr32.exe SpyAnytime PC Spy
  saranwrap.exe Saran Wrap 1.0
  sarreg.exe Serv-U
  sasser.exe exploit Sassdor
  satan's demise.exe Satan's Demise
  satan's demise2.exe Satan's Demise 2
  satanicdream.exe SatanicDream
Latest StartUp Threats
    spydb.exe dradpro.exe
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