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 StartUp File Definition
Many programs decide for themselves without your consent to start when your computer starts. They will eventually make your computer start up very slowly and run many unneded programs at once. Our guide will help you decide which ones are safe to get rid of.

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  File Name
Belongs to
  i-notify.exe I-Notify 1.0
  notifier.exe I-Notify 1.0
  i-share.exe Share
  i.e. postdata spy.exe PostData Spy
  iamailbomber.exe Flooder.MailSpam.Delf.g
  ibhflwo.exe Trojan.Win32.VB.df
  iblis.exe IRC Bot for Windows
  ibm00001.exe Sinow
  ice storm killerz.exe Ice Storm Killerz
  ice-2.exe Icelandic.632
  icela~10.exe Icelandic.632
  ice0642a.exe Icelandic-1
  icelan~2.exe Icelandic-1
  ice0848a.exe December_24
  icedec24.exe December_24
  ice1.1a.exe LiquidIce1.1Alpha1
  stub11ma.exe LiquidIce1.1Alpha1
  ice1636.exe Icelandic.1636
  icemix1b.exe Icelandic.1636
  icela~11.exe Mix1-B
  icemix1.exe Ear.1330
  icemix1b.exe Ear.1330
  icezone.exe IceZone
  ickill.exe Nuker.Win16.Killic
  icmibc.exe ICMIBS
  icmibs.exe ICMIBS
Latest StartUp Threats
    spydb.exe dradpro.exe
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