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 StartUp File Definition
Many programs decide for themselves without your consent to start when your computer starts. They will eventually make your computer start up very slowly and run many unneded programs at once. Our guide will help you decide which ones are safe to get rid of.

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  File Name
Belongs to
  backdoor.xhx.173.exe Backdoor/XHX.173.Server
  dragon.exe Dragon Trojan
  setupv9.exe Wowlook
  ExpertAntivirus.EXE Expert Antivirus 2009
  deskadv.exe ALSEDI Desktop Adviser
  alien.exe Alien 1.1
  trojan.win32.alcary.exe Trojan.Win32.Alcary
  nitip.exe Pitin
  netscapass.exe Netscapass 2.0
  emcoremotecmdlinetrial.exe EMCO Remote CmdLine Trial
  setup.exe Backdoor/Mnets.Server
  client.exe Assassin 1.0
  backdoor.skun.010.exe Backdoor.Skun.010
  trojan.win32.kilie.exe Trojan.Win32.Kilie
  grog.1146.exe Grog.1146
  config.exe Moses 1.1.5 b
  backdoor.bo2k.13.a.exe Backdoor.BO2K.13.a Ping RAT H
  getmac.exe Getmac
  fakebo.exe Fake Back Orifice 0.41
  backdoor.lesbot.13.exe Backdoor.Lesbot.13
  funny haha.exe Trojan.AOL.Nytworx
  backstealth.exe BackStealth
Latest StartUp Threats
    spydb.exe dradpro.exe


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