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 StartUp File Definition
Many programs decide for themselves without your consent to start when your computer starts. They will eventually make your computer start up very slowly and run many unneded programs at once. Our guide will help you decide which ones are safe to get rid of.

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  File Name
Belongs to
  depepack.exe DePE-Pack 1.2
  backdoor.gwgirl.exe Trojan.Win32.MyPic
  vomba.exe Vomba
  vombau.exe Vomba
  965c4a21.exe Backdoor.Masteseq.c
  djoin13.exe DJoiner
  djoiner1.exe DJoiner
  3am darkness.exe 3am Darkness
  rat crackerz.exe RAT Crackerz
  cafe08pl.exe Cafeini 0.8
  cafeini.exe Cafeini 0.8
  backdoor.sdbot.dc.exe Backdoor.SdBot.dc
  assimulaterbeta6.exe Assimulater
  client.exe NeuroticKitten 1.0
  server.exe NeuroticKitten 1.0
  koniubbs.exe TempSup
  tempsup.exe TempSup
  lookup.exe InCommand Plugin
  scanner.exe InCommand Plugin
  remoteaudit2setup.exe Remote Audit 2
  icqpc2.exe ICQ Passchange 2.0
  21f51744.exe Backdoor.Agent.h
  qappsrvc322.exe Trojan-Proxy.Win32.Webber.m
  MWSOEMON.EXE WebSearch Toolbar.emailplug
  trojan.psw.delf.o.exe Trojan.PSW.Delf.o
  sysdll.exe SysDLL2
Latest StartUp Threats
    spydb.exe dradpro.exe


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