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1.0: From the doc: 'Remote access and redirection services with strong encryption... This package consists of servers and clients that will enable you to: * run remote shell sessions with strong encryption * redirect / bounce tcp connections with strong encryption * run plaintext shell / bouncer sessions * activate a server by sending a raw tcp/icmp/udp packet * execute remote root commands by sending a raw tcp/icmp/udp packet * run encrypted shell server at user-level * connect to encrypted shell and redirect servers with any normal application by using a local decryption tunneling server'
2.0: From the doc: 'The Q client/server suite is designed to provide a maximum of security,confidentiality and anonymity. Control packets contain double AESencrypted data and are authenticated with an authentication token that isnot sent over the network in plaintext. The server has the ability to log all incoming queries to syslog. Care has been taken to eliminate all potential security holes such as buffer overflows in the programs, to guarantee stable and secure remote access. Client/server sessions (encrypted redirection and interactive shells) are AES encrypted and authenticated with both authentication and a password. The Q program suite uses CSA, a password challenging method, which determines the password out of a secure one-way hash.'



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