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from the web site: 'AtomicLog is a tool for monitoring and controlling the connections from your desktop to the Internet. It will show you the hosts to which your applications connect as well as the protocol used, number of messages and kilobytes transferred. We provide the means for seeing, understanding, and filtering any unwanted or intrusive computers. No configuration is required, after you install our program, all local (winsock) traffic to and from other computers is stored and shown. Our point-and-click user interface will make it simple for you to know what's happening to your computer and who is doing it. In addition, if you have a web page and would like to understand and record its traffic, you don't have to wait until tomorrow to see today's data, now you can monitor it in real-time. Watch your web page traffic as it happens without any changes to your web page documents or CPU intensive scripts on your server. Keep track of: Bandwidth, Referers, Domains, Countries, Documents and more. New data is added to your database as soon as received. Historical and real-time statistics are merged into a single view.'



Automatic Removal: Most effective removal tool is: Easy SpyRemover

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