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from the doc: How to config: Is 3 Fields in CONFIGurator dialog box: [email:] type here your email, in when u will receive grabben logins [trohan-file:] the Red Power server,wich u will use (at should be in most cases a ns2342.exe) - press this button and chose it from your disk [attach to:] It can be ANY DOCUMENT. Not only victim attach proggi. You can chose for example a JPEG photo , and when victim run resulting "somefile.jpg .exe" he should to see this picture. PS : try to send "somefile.jpg .exe" file via icq..Realy nice? Yeh ;)) [advansed settings] - allow to edit configuration file * Url = "url from what prog try to self-update" * E-mail = "your@email" -depend only for test progs * HKLM_Run , etc - a place for proggi write self registry (better is do not change degfault value) * Id ="prog1" - unical prog - depend indentifecator , for make easy statistic for you , only 8 letters long * trojname ="kernel64" - how prog will be named at %system% WITH0UT a ".exe" ! , only 8 letters long * desc ="Very needable system module" - a description in the lamer registry Other configurable values planning but not released yet.. After all this steps was done press a [ok] key and see at %DIR_WITH_VICTIM_FILE%/InFeCted/ the file named same as original not infected file.. That all folks... ;) Now u ready to send resulting file via various way. An Example of: ICQ(Not from self-uin of course,grab it first for good weel known victim ;),E-mail,Make self WWW with infected programm, or u can infect program in otherselfs sites(pass for it u grab first from they owners) Is moreover way for set this hourse,now easyes is send a "coolGirl.jpg .exe" file via ICQ. And most hardly is write a ExPloIT to some WINDOWS prog like iishack annonsed in mid jun by E-Eye team ;)

AntiLamer Toolkit Pro 2.36

Password Capture

Automatic Removal: Most effective removal tool is: Easy SpyRemover

Manual Removal:

Stop Runnin Processes:

Unregister DLLs:

Clean Registry:

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