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NT password cracker. from the doc: 'a tool for turning Microsoft LANMAN and NT password hashes back into the original clear text passwords. The program does this using dictionary cracking and also brute force. L0phtCrack 1.5 returns not just the LANMAN passord but the NT password up to 14 characters in length. Version 1.0 of L0phtCrack was deficient because the graphical version of the program did not support the brute force method. This has been fixed for version 1.5. The brute force efficiency has been improved and an option to select the character set that makes up the password has been added. The default behavior of L0phtCrack is to do a dictionary attack on the password file and then brute force the remaining uncracked passwords. Sample password files are named pwfile.txt, pwfile2.txt, pwfile3.txt and pwfile4.txt. A 28000 word dictionary file is included named wfile.txt. You can dump passwords directly from L0phtCrack if you have administrator rights. L0phtCrack 1.5 includes the ability to dictionary attack or brute force the network NT server challenge that is used to prevent the OWF from going across the wire in its plaintext format. Sample network sniffed challenges are in files sniff.txt and sniff2.txt. This means you can get NT passwords without administrator privileges if you have network access between the client and the server. You can build the sniff files by hand using your favorite network analyzer or wait for our tool which sniffs the network and builds these files. The sniffing tool will be made available shortly.'


Password Cracker

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