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Internet Antivirus Pro is online fraud and a computer parasite. It spreads through software exploits (usually via web browser vulnerabilities), but it may also trick people into downloading this useless software manually. InternetAntivirusPro uses online advertisements to attract customers and make them interested in buying this malware. When installed, InternetAntivirus Pro starts loading many pop-ups with security-related content. It usually reports security and privacy risks or displays results of system scan. All these messages are fabricated to scare people into purchasing the full version of Internet Antivirus Pro. Do not trust pop-ups loaded by InternetAntivirus Pro! This program is not an anti-virus; it mimics anti-virus applications in order to get money.

InternetAntivirus Pro


Automatic Removal: Most effective removal tool is: Easy SpyRemover

Manual Removal:

Stop Runnin Processes:

Unregister DLLs:

Clean Registry:

Remove Files:

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