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From the doc: 'CI.EXE (CellInfo or Cellular Mobile Telephone Network Identification Utlility) is a utility, offered to the public domain, to provide the user with vital information about the cellular telephone that he would happen to be listening to at any given moment -provided that your scanning radio is capable of receiving that type of stuff... When called upon, this program executes and waits for input of the cell-transmit frequency of the call that you are listening to. The program then provides the following information: Cellular Band (A or B), Receive Frequency, Global Cellular Number, Cell Network Number, Cell Channel ... Yeah, I know that listening to Cellular Telephone conversions could get you busted if you were to get caught. I also can understand that it is ethically and (for the most part) socially unacceptable to participate in this type of activity.'

Cellular Mobile Telephone Network
Identification Utlility

Phreaking Tool

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