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"ValueClick, Inc. is a leading provider of performance-based banner advertising solutions to advertisers and Web publishers. ValueClick drives traffic based on the "cost-per-click-through" pricing model. Advertisers pay only when a person "clicks" on a banner to their Web site, giving them a cost-effective solution for attracting targeted, high quality customers." Source

"When a consumer responds to an Internet advertisement served by ValueClick (running through our network of websites or in an email transmission), ValueClick collects certain technical data (Type of Browser, Operating System, IP address, domain type, page(s) visited, date and time of when an Internet consumer has responded to an advertisement, etc.). This type of information is defined by the Network Advertising Initiative (see Network Advertising Initiative section below) as Non-Personally Identifiable Information (Non-PII) "ad delivery and reporting data". This means that none of the data can be linked to any individual Internet consumer, and therefore it cannot be used for profiling purposes. ValueClick retains all ad delivery and reporting data indefinitely, for accounting and auditing purposes. Some of ValueClick's cookies have an "opt-out" option. When a consumer views an ad served by ValueClick, they are assigned a unique - but not personally-identifiable - number, known as a cookie, which is recorded and stored on their computer in their web browser's cookie file."


Tracking Cookie

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