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from the doc: 'RKSniffer is a sniffer for Windows NT. This sniffer use the Winsock 2 API. It allow you to capture packet that comes to your machine on the adapter you choose. the main feature is the possibility of implementing any kind of filter in the parse_pkt.c function. by default everything is sniffed, but you can easily restrains the flux of packet to certain host (commented code in the file). To recompile the application, don't forget to choose "Release" in 'Set Active Configuration' of the 'Build' menu under VC++. Or you can use nmake if you prefer use the .mak file. just type NMAKE /f "RKSniffer.mak" in your favorite cmd.exe :) have fun!'



Automatic Removal: Most effective removal tool is: Easy SpyRemover

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