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Spyware can slow down your computer, hijack your Web browser, and send your personal information to  advertisers. This frequently updated guide has the latest tools and tips to combat these threats.

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  TrojanSpy.Win32.KeyLogger.r Key Logger
  InclinedRoad 1.0 RAT
  BAT.Gremlin.1424 Trojan
  SPAM Zombie DoS
  Cpdm.c Exploit
  ScreenGrab 1.0 RAT
  Backdoor.Ftp99 Backdoor Tracking Cookie
  Infostealer.Blurax Trojan
  VirTool.DOS32.Racc Virus Creation Tool
  Snmpscan-0.05 Exploit
  SMS Pager Notifier
  51D 1b Backdoor
  Backdoor.Feardoor.15.c Backdoor
  TESO BSD chpass exploit Exploit Tracking Cookie
  Asmon Local Exploit Exploit
  Raza FTP FTP Server
  Trojan Cow 1.0 RAT
  TrojanSpy.Win32.Banker.l Key Logger
  DoS.Win32.Attacker.b DoS
  Znarf Trojan
  AnonimousEmailBomber 3.5 Mail Bomber
  Checkin Adware
  Iopus Starr Key Logger
  WinGuardPro Password Cracker
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    Comodo Trust Toolbar
    XP Antispyware 2009
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