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Spyware can slow down your computer, hijack your Web browser, and send your personal information to  advertisers. This frequently updated guide has the latest tools and tips to combat these threats.

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  Win32/Spyboter.CF.Worm Backdoor
  Backdoor.Antilam.14.a Backdoor
  R0xr4t 1.0b2 RAT
  ICQBF2 Password Cracker
  TrojanProxy.Win32.Webber.30 Proxy
  TrojanSpy.Win32.Sincom.p Key Logger
  Pounder Flooder
  EnhanceMSearch Adware
  Melissa variant Virus Source
  VBS/Smoked!Trojan Exploit
  Backdoor.MasterParadise Backdoor
  Joker's FTP Server FTP Server
  Filterape.c Exploit
  Backdoor/Ptakks.2_17!Setup Backdoor
  Soldier BOB Virus Source
  Backdoor.Espion Backdoor
  Tool-TFTP.svr Trojan
  Brutus AET 2 Password Cracker
  Unhider Password Cracker
  Dial-Up Password Stealer 1.0 Password Capture
  Blj.500 Dropper
  Back Attack 1.9 RAT
  Trojan.Delall.a Trojan
  MSTU.531 Dropper
  TrojanClicker.Win32.NetBuie Dialer
  Donald Dick RAT
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