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Spyware can slow down your computer, hijack your Web browser, and send your personal information to  advertisers. This frequently updated guide has the latest tools and tips to combat these threats.

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  BAT.BFV.475 Trojan
  Undetected 3.0b RAT
  Zoom RAT
  DropSpam Adware
  Bljec 8B Dropper
  Hidden Camera Remote Administration Tools
  Wildek 0.1b RAT
  GateCrasher FTP Server
  Exploit.IIS.Snaki.b Exploit
  Remote MSN 1.0 RAT
  Dnsloop.c Exploit
  Win32/Prosti.A1 trojan Backdoor
  Suck.c sniffer Exploit
  PopWin.b Trojans
  Winallap Trojan Backdoor
  Unisploit 1.0 Exploit
  Win32/PWS.Bamer.Trojan Key Logger
  DenScare Dropper
  Backdoor.Sheldor.c Backdoor
  ShadowJPEG 1.0 Binder
  Stub Downloader Downloader
  Zombie.4566 DDoS
  Backdoor/Fraggle.1_2 Backdoor
  Trojan.KillFiles.t Nuker
  Nssys32 Trojan
Latest Spyware Threats
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    PC MightyMax
    Internet Antivirus Pro
    Expert Antivirus 2009
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    Spyware Guard 2009
    MicroAV Security Center
    Comodo Trust Toolbar
    XP Antispyware 2009
    Antivirus 2010


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