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Spyware can slow down your computer, hijack your Web browser, and send your personal information to  advertisers. This frequently updated guide has the latest tools and tips to combat these threats.

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  VirTool.Win32.BaseAddress.a Virus Creation Tool
  Win Phreak Trojan Trojan
  Backdoor.Bluntman.420 Backdoor
  Joiner 1.55s Binder
  Backdoor/CobCat.DLL Backdoor
  Trojanspy.Win32.Agent.h Key Logger
  PQwak 2.00a Password Cracker
  Riot.724 RAT
  TrojanSpy.Win32.Sincom.y Key Logger
  CWS.Rank Hijacker
  Backdoor.NMKB RAT
  Backdoor/Way.24 Backdoor
  Backdoor.DTR.144.i Backdoor
  Evasion IRC War
  Trojan.PSW.THG Password Capture
  IMesh 1.02 vulnerability Exploit
  Gnuplot Linux x86 exploit Exploit
  Trojan.win32.startpage.vo Unknown
  Backdoor.BO2K.13.b.plugin Backdoor
  TestTimer Adware
  DDoS.Win32.Crabox.d DDoS
  GZip Vulnerability Exploit
  Trojan.Booha Trojan Horse
  Smashcap.c Exploit
  Outpanel Hostile Java
  Trojan.PSW.Widget.038 Password Capture
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