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Missing a DLL or two? Don't panic. You can download the most popular DLLs from us. They are free to download but remember that we are not responsible for these files, and they are copyright of their respective owners.

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  File Name
Download Link
  H245.dll Download H245.dll
  H245ws.dll Download H245ws.dll
  H2613260.dll Download H2613260.dll
  H2633260.dll Download H2633260.dll
  H263drgb.dll Download H263drgb.dll
  H2o.dll Download H2o.dll
  H323cc(ver_2).dll Download H323cc(ver_2).dll
  H323cc.dll Download H323cc.dll
  H323msp.dll Download H323msp.dll
  H324bk32.dll Download H324bk32.dll
  H5dlg32.dll Download H5dlg32.dll
  H5icon32.dll Download H5icon32.dll
  H5krnl32.dll Download H5krnl32.dll
  H5menu32.dll Download H5menu32.dll
  H5rtf32.dll Download H5rtf32.dll
  H5tool32.dll Download H5tool32.dll
  Ha312w32.dll Download Ha312w32.dll
  Ha414p.dll Download Ha414p.dll
  Ha414pe.dll Download Ha414pe.dll
  Ha414pg.dll Download Ha414pg.dll
  Ha414pp.dll Download Ha414pp.dll
  Hackman1.dll Download Hackman1.dll
  Hacunzip.dll Download Hacunzip.dll
  Hafas_cc.dll Download Hafas_cc.dll
  Hal.dll Download Hal.dll
  Hal0jens.dll Download Hal0jens.dll
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