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Missing a DLL or two? Don't panic. You can download the most popular DLLs from us. They are free to download but remember that we are not responsible for these files, and they are copyright of their respective owners.

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  File Name
Download Link
  Gcard.dll Download Gcard.dll
  Epnhte4h.dll Download Epnhte4h.dll
  Fsnavigation.dll Download Fsnavigation.dll
  Wdmiutil.dll Download Wdmiutil.dll
  L_ftcset.dll Download L_ftcset.dll
  Symuiss.dll Download Symuiss.dll
  Modex(ver_2).dll Download Modex(ver_2).dll
  C1xx_arm.dll Download C1xx_arm.dll
  Numfmt.dll Download Numfmt.dll
  Xlqpw.dll Download Xlqpw.dll
  Hpfst308.dll Download Hpfst308.dll
  Wt9_1lden(ver_2).dll Download Wt9_1lden(ver_2).dll
  Comdg32.dll Download Comdg32.dll
  Iepcxrd80.dll Download Iepcxrd80.dll
  Ir41_qc.dll Download Ir41_qc.dll
  Wizman.dll Download Wizman.dll
  Hpjdnp.dll Download Hpjdnp.dll
  Bfc42.dll Download Bfc42.dll
  Fifa02r_en.dll Download Fifa02r_en.dll
  Polylinetool(ver_2).dll Download Polylinetool(ver_2).dll
  Comsvcs(ver_2).dll Download Comsvcs(ver_2).dll
  Sfmmsg.dll Download Sfmmsg.dll
  Polarzip(ver_2).dll Download Polarzip(ver_2).dll
  Apachemodulestatus.dll Download Apachemodulestatus.dll
  Trfxtsfm.dll Download Trfxtsfm.dll
  Niscfgwz.dll Download Niscfgwz.dll
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